Vehicle Tracking and Fleet management over the years has evolved to a much complex scenarios due to rapid rise in telecommunication and advance in GPS technology.

Here at GPSFleet Tracking Services, we are committed to providing our customers indepth understanding and knowledge of all it takes to achieve their tailored objectives, Right from monitoring just the movement of vehicles and checking history of movement to solving fuel monitoring challenges and vehicle idling thus saving cost and improving efficiency

Easily monitor your cars and containers right from the sea port to your Lagos office depot & you have no fear of theft. We have magnetic trackers that can stick firmly inside a 20ft container having a battery capacity of over 7 days to help you track your containers on realtime.

We also provide partnership support to cargo and logistic companies which may wish to hire our magnetic trackers for agreed period of time. GPS Tracking Nigeria have a fully self hosted GPS Tracking server and software for vehicle tracking in Nigeria with real-time data.

There are several benefits of installing a vehicle tracking system in your car.

  • Prevention of theft of vehicle and ease of recovery when stolen.
  • Reduce Overhead cost of manual log recording and calls.
  • Improve efficiency and proper route planning.
  • Increase revenue per vehicle as operational cost is reduced drastically.

Vehicle Tracking system comprises of the GPS Tracking Device, a network SIM card and our Monitoring Platform Upon completion of installation of GPS Tracking unit inside customer vehicle, Registration of vehicle details and GPS Tracking device is merged with customer credentials, The GPS unit starts transmitting real-time location data of the vehicle every 10 seconds and our customer can log into the dashboard to view current location, check past history and create event notification like Geo-fencing, Overspeeding, Engine Idling and many more. All our devices comes with 2years warranty.

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