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We offer complete solutions for remote monitoring of small vehicles and off-road trucks, diesel generators (gensets), fuel storages vessels and tanks, technological machines and IoT equipment in remote locations across Nigeria.

At the core of our service is using reliable GPS Tracking system to integrate various sensors to provide you with full performance analytics, real-time parameters that saves fuel cost and improves vehicle management efficiency.


For Vehicle Tracking in Nigeria, Speed Limiters and Fuel Monitoring in Nigeria

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Benefits of Vehicle Tracking in Nigeria

Have you been searching for a reputable vehicle car and truck tracking company in Nigeria? There are so many offers out there but GPSFleet Tracking Services will help you to make sense of it all, we filter the noise and give you the real content. GPSFleet Tracking Services stands out by providing and offering you a complete tailored solution in car tracking and fleet management solution specifically designed around your business, we own the software and hardware, You do not need a thirdparty to make your GPS Tracking work for you, A trucking business owner have a different challenge from a tractor owner working in a farm, but we got you all covered.

Car Tracking is a basic term used to explain the means whereby a vehicle can be recovered after theft, Generally there is a mixed indepth knowledge of how the whole process of car tracking works. Car Tracking in Nigeria works by first purchasing an approved GPS Tracking devices from a licensed vendor. GPS Tracking device is a device that provides the exact coordinate of where an asset is at that particular time.

Fuel Monitoring has been one of the critical areas in Fleet management as it helps fleet owners to determine at a glance the approx. volume of fuel left in the tank and helps to determine if the vehicle requires refuelling or not. Also fuel monitoring in Nigeria has immense benefit of reducing cost and improving efficency of your fleet by reducing fuel theft through monitoring of fuel level drops.

Fuel level sensor gives you the detail height of fuel in the tank which translates to the volume of fuel in the tank whereas fuel flowmeter is connected along the fuel line to the engine and measures precisely the actual fuel consumed by the vehicle on a specific trip or task. Both fuel level sensors and fuel flowmeter consumption sensors can be installed on a single vehicle to capture entire activities of the vehicle, right from knowing the actual volume of fuel in the tank to also determining the quantity of fuel used per trip. Fuel Level sensor is suitable for measuring fuel level of moving vehicles and transport vehicles while Fuel Flow Meters are ideal for stationary equipment that primarily operates on fuel like Diesel Generators, Earth Moving equpment like Bulldozers, Fork Lifts. Monitoring the amount of fuel consumed per job helps the client to be able to charge appropriately for that particular task and also help to determine if there is excessive fuel consumed per task.

Expensive is quite relative, when you talk of expensive you have to compare all factors that build up that expensive cost. Our tracking system is one of the most affordable GPS tracking device in Nigeria with a 2 years warranty on device. All our installations are proffessionally handled to avoid damage to electronic components of your vehicle that is why we invest huge resources on our personnel training.

The Simple answer is YES, You can monitor all the activities happening around your home with our CCTV cameras anywhere with your phone, Download real-time alarm and intruder notification, setup secure zone. This camera system is ideal when you are a busy person and have some domestic workers taking care of kids and elderly ones at home.

How GPS Tracking Works

We simplify the process all for you.

GPS Tracking works by providing the exact vehicle current location on a map, even if you are 1000km away from your vehicle you can accurate determine the street name and state where your vehicle is parked. Moreso, there are added functionalities like remote engine shutdown, voice monitoring and panic button.

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Vehicle Security Fuel Monitoring system and all round fleet management solution is our business.

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